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Canada has announced several benefits for foreign students visiting to study in the country. Expanding the strength of students and lifting working hours restrictions are among many changes that have been brought forth by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
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Canada is among the world’s leading destinations for international students owing to multiple factors which include affordability, work and permanent residence opportunities. In 2021, Canada hosted over 620,000 international students and issued nearly 450,000 new study permits.
Here are five crucial benefits that Indian students could avail in Canada:
1. According to a report by CIC News, Canada has recognised that from 2022-2023, the number of study permit holders will increase to approximately 753,000 international students which means that there will be more opportunities available for students seeking to study in the country.
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2. Canada is also planning to explore the expansion of Student Direct Stream (SDS) which allows to fast-track study permits for candidates from many countries.
3. Canada is also planning to promote transition to permanent residence for international students in order to manage the labour shortage in the country.
4. In order to help, international students track their applications, Canada’s immigration authority has promised to publish monthly data on backlogs.
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5. Canada has also allowed international students to work off-campus for over 20 hours per week in a temporary measure which can also be availed by foreign nationals who have already submitted a study permit application.
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