91% Indian Students Want To Continue Studying Abroad Even In COVID-19 Lockdown: Here’s Why?

When the whole world was battling against the corona virus pandemic, the young aspirants were not sitting back idle. A recent survey indicated that more than 91% of Indian students are willing to go abroad for further studies. Moreover, the current situation is also not able to reduce their enthusiasm. The best UK education consultants in Delhi were struggling in the past few days in giving out excuses to so many of the applicants. Every year thousands of Indian students aspire to study abroad for a bright career. However, this time, they had to put a break to their ongoing plans. Due to the worldwide pandemic, almost every industry came to a standstill all of a sudden. Furthermore, several people even lost their jobs, and there was chaos everywhere.

Amidst such a scenario, it was obvious that no one wanted to keep the students’ lives at stake. Hence, all the schools, colleges, and other educational institutions were closed. In fact, the offices also announced work-from-home. Now, the point is, what will be the ultimate future of the students? Every country showed concern in this respect. It was astonishing that so many international candidates are ready to go abroad even in this situation. They constantly contacted the study abroad consultant for a suitable solution. In no circumstances were they ready to sacrifice one year. The consequences definitely drove all the people concerned to a great dilemma.

Opinion Of The Experts                    

Today, people staying in Delhi know Admissify for being the best overseas education consultants in Delhi for UK. The professionals of this institute also impart quality education through online mode to any person outside Delhi. When inquired about the current situation of the students, they were truly overwhelmed. In fact, it was clear from their reaction that the response from hundreds of aspirants was just unbelievable. The professionals of Admissify always try their level best to mentor so many students to study abroad. Hence, it is their duty to guide them properly towards the fulfillment of their dreams.

The experts say that more than 70% of the Indian students will be enrolling for the foreign universities within the next in takers. Moreover, the number of applicants is growing tremendously over the past few years. Now, the question how will they proceed when the days are still not normal? The answer lies in the innovative study schedules of most universities. According to the information in-store, the best study abroad consultants in Delhi expressed the online classes’ utility. This is a new technique going on worldwide to prevent any loss for the education sector. Therefore, the students will not have to forego their predetermined plans with the help of virtual interactions. Hence, in this new system, more students show their interest in taking education from foreign universities. The Governments of the respective countries have also declared outstanding abroad study scholarship programs for international applicants. It is really a great moment for Indian enthusiasts.

The Current Developments In Healthcare

The majority of the Indians are concerned about the healthcare approaches in the institutions abroad. After the declaration of strict precautions, more students are applying for different courses. However, they took the decision only after getting complete assurance from the authorities. Thus, you can expect a resumption of the classes in the next six to ten months.

Among so many applicants, surveys told us that around 34% are going for the undergraduate programs. On the other hand, more than 76% are post-graduate students. Most of the students have shown their preference in favor of the UK. However, in this competition, other countries are also there. Some of them include Australia, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, France, Germany, and many more. Just approach the best overseas education consultants in Delhi for the UK to make the most profitable decision. Do not forget to consider the security measures. The online classes are at present solving the problems of hundreds of students worldwide.

Admissify is going a great job in offering attractive placements for interested candidates. They will clarify about all the available study abroad programs. Thus, it will not be very difficult to crack the admission tests when the experts are with you.


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