AI not expected to lead to net job losses – study –

Work & Technology Correspondent
A report from a Government advisory group has found that net job losses are not expected as a result of the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
The Expert Group on Future Skills Needs said many jobs will change as certain tasks are taken over by AI and that the technology has the potential to bring substantial productivity increases.
It comes amid concerns that automation will lead to job displacement and unemployment as machines take over jobs once done by humans.
Minister for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation Robert Troy has welcomed the publication of the report.
It highlights the need for everyone, regardless of whether they work in tech or not, to have some level of knowledge and understanding of AI.
“The report finds that AI is not likely to bring about a net loss of jobs, but it will replace certain tasks within many jobs over time,” Mr Troy said.
“Thus, there is a need for both organisations and individuals to identify where AI will impact their job or their sector and prepare by seeking out the necessary education and training.”
The study focused on four cohorts or groups, identifying skills needs not only for AI developers and experts, but also for public sector employees, for teachers and educators, and for the general public.
It recommends that the curriculum taught by computer science teachers evolves with AI developments.
The report also calls for the development of new apprenticeships in AI and for the promotion of free online AI course for citizens.

The expert group advises the Government on the current and future skills needs of the economy and on other labour market issues that affect Ireland’s enterprise and employment growth.

Work & Technology Correspondent
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