Do Not Let The Pandemic Blues Affect Your Foreign Education Dreams!

You may be one of the thousands of study abroad aspirants, in India reading this. The pandemic has managed to impact many fields like industry, education, and job prospects. In India alone, more than 100 million lost their jobs in the pandemic. Restrictions on travel were there for almost 1.5 years since the beginning of the pandemic. Those students who had already secured offer letters to join prestigious universities and colleges were left in the lurch. Moreover, those who managed to secure scholarships were also stuck. 

Most parents and their wards were not getting answers to their queries about normalcy. The students who harbored dreams of studying abroad were worried about the future, too. Losing a year is always a big thing for students who are too serious about their careers. Moreover, the restrictions at play and no answer from the colleges and universities regarding the status of their applications and classes created havoc in the minds of the students. Let us find out what problems the parents and the students faced. The study abroad consultant has chalked out a few things. 

Problems Faced By Students During The Pandemic 

According to the study abroad consultants in Delhi, the problems that affected the student’s study abroad prospects are:

  • Travel restrictions and lockdowns are the problems that made traveling to the campuses or countries next to impossible. Even after the lockdowns were removed partially, international travel took months to resume. 
  • Even after the restrictions were removed, students were not able to secure their visas. 
  • There are issues related to quarantine wherein the quarantine period was ascertained for the international students, ranging from 1 week to 15 days. Moreover, the authorities wanted the students to bear the cost of putting up at an isolation center or a hotel. This was an additional burden for many students. 
  • Psychological anxiety and stress also hampered the motivation levels and prospects of the students. The best study abroad consultants in Delhi has stressed such factors, that led to subsequent delays in charting out future pathways. 
Covid Pandemic

There Is A Ray Of Hope 

Despite so much gloom, there still seems to be a ray of hope for the aspirants today. Things have returned to normal now. It is more than six months now that universities and colleges are all set to fight the pandemic in their own way. Some institutions even started online classes or hybrid programs for all those students who had already secured admission but were not able to travel. The best overseas education consultants in Delhi, like Admissify assisted students in getting admission to hybrid programs, in which, students could return to the campuses once restrictions were lifted. 

Ray of hope

The best overseas education consultant in Delhi for the UK is also very positive in their mindset and managed to counsel the worried students and their parents. Such consultants also arranged motivational sessions and preparatory language classes, to assist the students in getting ready for the new world, once the campuses opened. Almost all nations have realized that closing colleges and universities are not the way out. Moreover, everybody has sanitized the campuses are holding classes in parts. Some students attend on-campus classes, while others attend online, for a week. Thus, every student gets the opportunity to clear their doubts in person from the teachers and professors. 

New Opportunities On The Horizon

This goes without saying that US universities, despite high fees, always see a rush. The scholarships are also quite a number there. So, you will see a huge rush in the fall of 2022 for most US colleges and universities. The variety of courses offered is also a point that attracts all nations. 

You can consult the best US consultants in Delhi to guide you on all your future prospects. With the US having to issue double the number of student visas, the authorities are also waiving the F1 visa interview fees. The same applies to other nations like Canada, Australia, and the UK. The UK is welcoming back students with new policies like the Graduate Route program. Moreover, Australia is also increasing the time for stay for students, who want to look for jobs there. 

Most Indian students are interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics courses. Positivity and optimism are on their way. The entry of vaccines like Covaxin, Covishield, and Sputnik has also opened possibilities. Connect with the best UK education consultants in Delhi for more information. Admissify is also located in the northeast and is quite famous as the study abroad consultants Guwahati. You can also visit their office, to solve your queries.


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