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Hi-tech semi automatic offside decisions will be in place for the World Cup in Qatar this winter, using AI to track players and, according to the chairman of FIFA’s Referees’ Committee, making decisions faster and with more accuracy
Pierluigi Collina has welcomed new VAR technology as an “important” moment for football.
FIFA have confirmed they will have hi-tech semi automatic offside decisions in place for the World Cup in Qatar this winter. The new-look technology will speed up decisions, use Artificial Intelligence software to track the players and a special sensor in the adidas World Cup ball.
Former World Cup referee Collina, Chairman of FIFA’s Referees Committee, said: “We will be faster, we will be more accurate and these are the objectives of the semi automatic technology.” FIFA have successfully trialed the technology and are now ready to take VAR to the next level with the idea of speeding up decisions from an average of 70 seconds to 25 seconds in matches.
The semi automatic offsides will see:
The semi automatic offsides were trialed at the Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi last February when Chelsea were crowned champions and clearly speeding up decisions is key because the Premier League has been plagued by delays and the controversial “toenail” offsides.
Collina believes the new system should bring a more accurate exact science to offsides and make them quicker and stop the frustrating delays.
He said; “If we look at other sports, I don’t want to give other sports as examples because we are brave enough to be leaders, but if we look at other experiences the time needed to make a decision is lived by everybody: players, coaches, spectators in a very normal way.

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“I like basketball and if I think to an NBA match, when the technology is used, you see players drinking, coaches giving instructions and spectators enjoying the moment and nobody cares about the time going on.
“We are aware football is different and that making the decision faster was important and that’s why we have gone in this direction.”
FIFA president Gianni Infantino said: “This technology is the culmination of three years of dedicated research and testing to provide the very best for the teams, players and fans who will be heading to Qatar later this year, and FIFA is proud of this work, as we look forward to the world seeing the benefits of semi-automated offside technology at the FIFA World Cup 2022.
“FIFA is committed to harnessing technology to improve the game of football at all levels, and the use of semi-automated offside technology at the FIFA World Cup in 2022 is the clearest possible evidence.”
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