Germany remains ‘best country for international students,’ above UK and France

Despite the UK being the primary port of concern for several students because of its universities usually ranking as a number of the simplest within the world – besides the U.S.A. – the rankings of thirty European universities showed Germany to mean prior its neighbors for international students. You can also talk to the Best Overseas Education Consultant in Delhi.

The UK secured second place with a score of seventy-five. 8, with France in third at sixty-eight.6, almost matching Germany’s spectacular eighty.7 scores.

So why is Germany therefore popular?

Highly hierarchical universities

While Germany’s establishments don’t quite have the name of the UK’s, Study.EU business executive Gerrit Blöss told the native several German universities are hierarchical extremely in international rankings for varied reasons. Talk to the Best overseas education consultants in Delhi for the UK.

The UK will do well in “typical” rankings however German universities tend to receive a lot of higher scores for quality of teaching.

Additionally, as the majority of courses are offered in English, Germany is stealing students World Health Organization antecedently would have headed to the United Kingdom and Ireland for his or her studies.

Education is reasonable

“Germanys provide of principally tuition-free, best universities remains laborious to surpass,” Study.EU said.

At state-run universities, no student, domestic or international, needs to pay tuition fees.

Instead, they pay body fees each semester – that conjointly cowl conveyance prices – that vary from around EUR100 (US$122) and EUR500 (US$613). Students also prefer creating great relationships with the best UK education consultants in Delhi.

The final ranking class checked out international graduates’ life and career prospects with Germany ranking “really well” consistent with Blöss.

Graduates arable to stay within the country for up to eighteen months on a “residence permit” when they complete their studies – way longer than the United Kingdom wherever students from outside the EU are sometimes unable to remain for an extended than several short months.

The rankings thought of graduates World Health Organization wanted to remain in Germany additionally as those that wanted to maneuver back home – the bulk of whom come back from Asia and continent, The native notes. Hire the best UK consultants in Delhi.


Cost of education is another issue that created the Federal Republic of Germany to stand out over countries just like the UK, France, Switzerland, and Sweden.

“Germanys provide of largely tuition-free, foremost universities remains exhausting to stand out,” writes Study.EU in its handout. You might also want to know more from study abroad consultants Guwahati. 

Meanwhile, within the prices class the United Kingdom came in the last place because of its “prohibitively high price of living and tuition fees.”

Life and career

In the third class of the ranking, that checked out life and career prospects for foreign graduates, Germany did “really well” though there’s “always area for improvement,” same Blöss.

Graduates within the Bundes republic will sit up to eighteen months when their studies come back to associate finish. this can be way longer than within the UK, wherever non-EU students are usually solely allowed to remain for a couple of months when their studies finish off. Know different with study abroad consultants in Delhi.

Career prospects for international graduates in Germany are additional developed, in step with Blöss, significantly once it involves the “integration of scholars into the task market.”

But each graduate and universities play a vital role with regards to the present, he said.

An ideal scenario for the mixing of foreign students into the German work, in step with Blöss, would be if establishments offered ample programs in English and if graduates were able to to talk the native language. Talk freely with the Study Abroad Consultant.


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