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For pursuing graduation or post-graduation at a university, college, or any other educational institution in Canada, a student visa will be required. 
Canada Student Visa Process
The country recently introduced the Student Direct Stream (SDS) – A fast-track study permit process for legal residents from – China, India, Morocco, Pakistan, the Philippines, Senegal, and Vietnam.
Generally, the processing time for most SDS applications is within 20 calendar days. The fee for a Canadian student visa is CAD 150.
Initiating the Visa process
Once you have been accepted and enrolled into a university program, you can start the Canada student visa application. Apply at least 4-6 months prior to your college start date. 
The visa application can be made either online or on paper. 
Student Visa Validity and Application Fees
The Canadian student visa is valid for the course duration plus 3 months. The Canada student visa costs CAD 150. A biometric fee of CAD 85 is also applicable. 
List of Required Documents
The list of documents required while making your Canada student visa application are:
You are mandated to carry the Letter of Introduction along with all the specified documents to Canada. You will meet with an Immigration Officer at the airport. The border control agency officer will check your passport and the letter of introduction and validate the same. If found adequate, they will issue your Study Permit.
You are eligible to apply for the Canada Student visa if you have been accepted by a Designated Learning Institute (DLI).
Renewing Your Study Permit
If your student visa expires before you finish your university program, you need to apply for visa renewal. Apply a minimum of 30 days prior to visa expiration.
Spouses are allowed to accompany full-time students on a dependent visa.  If the student’s course duration is greater than a year, their spouse can work full-time.
In a few cases, the spouse can apply for an open work permit. 
Working After Graduation
The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program gives you a work permit for a time period equivalent to your course duration, for a maximum of three years.
With this work permit you can work anywhere. You can also switch jobs anytime you want. Remember to apply for the work permit within 90 days of graduation.
Important Points to Remember
A study permit isn’t a visa, and you might require a visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization (eTA) to travel to or enter Canada. 
If your stay is less than 6 months, then you might need either a travel visa in your passport or an eTA if your passport is from a designated country.
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