Ireland to Invest €40 Million in Universities & Colleges Across Country to Make Them Greener & More Accessible – –

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The Irish Government has allocated a total of €40 million, which will be invested in higher education institutions for the next academic year in a bid of the Government to make the same more environmentally friendly.
Through a statement issued on August 14, the Government emphasized that the funding will be used for key capital investment priorities, which include investments to support universal access and improvements in energy efficiency and decarbonization, reports.
“I’m delighted to announce a significant devolved capital grant for the higher education sector to support a range of capital priorities,” Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science Simon Harris said while commenting on the move.
In addition, the funding also targets general ICT and equipment upgrades, health and safety works and other building improvements and minor works and equipment.
“It will also ensure our campuses are inclusive and accessible. For example, the funding can be used to make the necessary upgrades to make campuses accessible for people with disabilities. Still, it can also be used to help students access laptops or other ICT requirements,”  Minister Harris noted.
According to the Government, grant funding for the next academic year will be extended for the first time to the Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM) and the Dublin Institute of Advanced Study (DIAS).
As Minister Harris explains, the funding is part of the ongoing investment in the higher education sector within Project Ireland 2040 and, at the same time, reaffirms a strong commitment to public investment in higher education infrastructure.
The Government also added that building on previous allocations under the devolved capital grant, they have delivered tangible benefits for students and staff and complemented other Project Ireland 2040 capital investments in the higher education sector.
The fund will be provided through the Higher Education Authority for all universities of technology, institutes of technology and smaller colleges, except for RIAM and DIAS, which will be funded directly by the department.
The largest part of the grants have been received by the technological sector, with €20,000,000 for seven institutions.
In addition, nine universities/colleges will receive slightly less at €19,200,000, while the remaining €800,000 will go to four smaller third-level institutions.
University College in Dublin (UCD) will also receive around €3,754,000; University College Cork will receive €2,961,000, Trinity College will receive €2,725,000, and the University of Limerick will receive €1,193,000.
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