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A new analysis from Studyportals uses a large volume of student search data to pinpoint significant student interest in certain fields of study. The report identifies the following 10 fields as “subject areas where student interest is growing, and where the global supply of programmes is lagging behind demand.”
User experience design, in particular, is rising in popularity: student interest in this field has grown by 400% over the past four years, according to the Studyportals analysis.
To determine these fields, Studyportals used two metrics: student pageviews on Studyportals as well as “the number of programmes linked to each of the 245 subdisciplines on our portals.” The company underlines the relevance of this analysis by pointing out that 52 million prospective students from 110 countries search on Studyportals annually, and that roughly “90% of all English-taught programmes in the world are listed on Studyportals.”
The 10 fields of study are essentially those where demand for bachelor’s and master’s programmes is higher than available supply. Student search behaviour on Studyportals indicates demand for programmes 12–24 months before students enrol, given that this is the average period of time of the overall student journey from researching study abroad (i.e., on Studyportals) to eventual enrolment.
Studyportals notes a specific way that universities could use the new data: “There is a lag between when the first universities introduce these courses, and when they become more mainstream. It is that lag, when student interest is rising, that can and should be shortened.”
In some cases, the Studyportals report indicates top origin countries for demand for certain programmes. For example:
For some programmes, the report identifies destination countries attracting the most demand. For example:
The report indicates where there would be a significant opportunity for educators in certain countries to develop more programmes in specific fields to better meet student demand. For example:
For additional background, please see:
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