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The number of European Union citizens and residents attending online courses in 2021 has increased by four percentage points compared to the previous years, reveals data published by the EU statistical office (Eurostat), based on the annual survey on the use of ICT in households and by individuals.
According to College News, 27 per cent of the survey participants claimed they had attended at least one online course or made use of learning materials available online.
Explaining the data, Eurostat points out that the number has increased by four percentage points compared to the previous year when 23 per cent of the survey participants had done an online course or used online learning materials.
Eurostat has also revealed that the EU Member States that top the table regarding online learning are Ireland, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands.
In 2021, among all EU Member States, Ireland had the highest share (46 per cent) of people aged 16 to 74 doing an online course or using online learning material. Finland and Sweden both registered a share of 45 per cent followed by the Netherlands with 44 per cent,” data show.
Whereas the Member States in which the number of those doing online courses was the lowest, is as follows:
Eurostat also highlights that the number of those making use of online education has increased compared to pre-pandemic as well, in particular in the Netherlands, where the number increased by 21 percentage points. The only Member State where a decrease was marked is Romania, where the number of those attending online courses and using online education material dropped by four percentage points.
As the pandemic had forced many lockdowns across the EU in the last two years, EU Commission’s European Education Area had launched new EU-funded projects that can be used for education online. Some of these projects are:
When it comes to the age of those attending online courses, data by Eurostat show that young people aged 16 to 24 top the table in this regard, as 39 per cent of people in the EU between these ages reported doing an online course, while a total of 49 per cent used online learning materials. According to the survey results, as the age increases, the number of people doing online courses also drops.
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