Part Time Jobs in The United Kingdom

While studying in The United Kingdom, number of international students look forward to the opportunity of taking up a part-time job in The United Kingdom as well. Every year, Indian students fly to the U.K to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Many students even fly for doing short-term programs in the U.K. After the completion of the education, many students stay back and look for a job in the U.K before settling in the U.K permanently. Reasons, why any international studying in the U.K do Part-time job, includes-

  • Utilization of Time
  • Earn some extra money
  • Building an impressive resume
  • Building confidence
  • Easy communication with the citizens of the U.K

If you are either studying or planning to study in the U.K and have no source of information related to part-time jobs in the U.K, well this article is just for you as you will be reading about some very useful resources which will help you in finding the best suitable part-time job for you. Also, this article will provide all the information related to a full-time job after the completion of your education. So don’t worry and enjoy this article. 

Benefits of Doing Part-Time Job During Studies in the U.K

  • Gain experience in the sector which relevant to your education.
  • Helps you in earning some extra cash so that you can pay for your expenses
  • Productive use of free time or vacation 
  • Helps you in gaining confidence

Work Restrictions

Every Indian student who is flying to the U.K for their education, are given restricted permission to work in The U.K. for students who are planning to do short term course which is less than 6 months, that student will not be permitted to take up any job. You should be able to accommodate yourself, should not change your employment (paid/unpaid) without the consent of the Secretary of State of Employment & should not engage in any business or profession without the consent of the Secretary of State for the Home Department. 

Time Duration for Part Time Job in the U.K

According to the U.K Government, students are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week during the term time. Also, they are allowed to work full time during their vacation time. 

Main Places to fine Part-time Job in the U.K

Although you are not allowed to start your business or get self-employed while staying in the U.K, there are many interesting areas where you can find the best suitable job for yourself.

  1. Local Restaurants

Local restaurants are easily available everywhere. You can find and take up a job at a nearby restaurant which will not only help you in earning some extra cash but also save your travel expenses. You can take up the night shift so that your university timing and your studies do not get hampered. During your vacation time, you can work full-time in local restaurants.

  • Bars and Clubs

It is believed that working in a bar or clubs can be bad and dangerous, let me clear that myth by saying that, these places are not dangerous and offers some very decent part-time jobs to every international and national student.

  • Local Shops

Every local shop and mall in the U.K required a helper for smooth functioning. As a student, you can step up for this role and earn a good amount of money through this job. 

  • Hotels

Like restaurants, you can find a hotel nearby your accommodation which is again beneficial in saving some travel expenses. You can take a job at the front desk or any support role in the hotel. 

  • Offices/ Industry

If relevant to your education, you can take up a job in any office or industry as per your benefits. Part-Time jobs in this sector can be related to technical or non-technical. It will be very beneficial as it will help you in gaining some experience and develop your skills in your work.

Now you can fulfill your dream of studying in the U.K by applying for one of the best and suitable scholarships as per your eligibility and not worry about the cost of studying abroad. For knowing further about study in the U.K and part-time jobs available to study in the U.K, do contact Admissify Today. Our experts will guide you throughout. Admissify aims that your stay is comfortable and memorable. Visit our office today and get all the necessary information related to an affordable place to study Abroad or visit for more information and get connected with us today.


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