Peculiarities of studying in Ireland: from writing a dissertation to a dormitory –

23 August 2022
By Roger Kennedy

Ireland is a country of extraordinary beauty. It is an “emerald” island famous for its legends and traditions. Despite the fact that the population of the country is less than in some large cities of the world, Ireland is well-known for high achievements in a wide variety of areas, including education, science, and advanced technologies. Nowadays, Ireland is not only a popular tourist destination. It is a state-of-the-art educational hub. Hundreds of students are eager to receive high-quality education there. Also, Irish people are known for their tolerant attitude towards foreigners and generally for openness and friendliness. That is why if you dream of moving to Ireland and benefiting from higher education, this country is the best option for you.
Interesting facts!
It’s surprising, but it’s a fact: Ireland ranks first in the world in the number of educational institutions per capita in the country, where the population does not exceed the population of London. There are 7 universities, 13 technological institutes, and 8 pedagogical colleges. Trinity College Dublin is the first university in Ireland founded in 1592 by the order of Queen Elizabeth. It is among the top 10 best universities in Europe. Trinity College is located in the center of Dublin. The college campus has an excellent infrastructure with ancient and modern buildings, scientific laboratories, sports facilities, and a huge library with more than 4 million books.
Having access to top-notch education

Irish universities provide a wide range of programs with top-notch facilities and amenities for learning. The teaching faculties are welcoming. Moreover, the Irish education system has a well-structured curriculum. Yet, the academic requirements for a PhD student are heavy. They have to write a lot of research papers. It can sometimes be challenging without assignments help. A handy course of action is to ask “write my dissertation online” experts for assistance. Students can look for various sites that provide busy students with first-rate service and on-time online help. Do not doubt and be sure that top essay writers are capable of dealing with your thesis. Guarantee, privacy, and the quick result are key issues you should take notice of.
 A penny saved is a penny earned!
Is college free in Ireland? The answer is “No.” Higher education in Ireland is rather expensive. But there are some alternatives for students to save money. Firstly, there are programs that provide scholarships and grants for free education for gifted foreign students. The main condition for obtaining them is high academic success and achievements in research. Secondly, Irish law entitles all students on long-term programs to work part-time in their spare time. This significantly reduces the costs of staying in the country. What is more, unlike the universities of Great Britain, Australia, etc. graduates do not need to take a preparatory course! It is not necessary to “lose” the whole year and, accordingly, pay for it!
Daily routine!

Studying is really crucial. But it is crucial to have comfortable living conditions. Student costs in Ireland range from €10,000 to €16,000 per academic year, mainly depending on the type of accommodation. These amounts include rent, utility bills, food, books and study materials, city transportation costs and laundry. Students have a wide range of living variants, i.e. shared rental of a house or an apartment, private room with private facilities in the university dormitory, or a separate apartment. Rents and prices for goods and services are usually 20-30% cheaper outside of Dublin. As for food, you can always cook yourself or buy a meal in the on-campus cafeteria or café. Besides, students can use a well-developed system of public transport. Having a special travel card, every student gets a discount. 
The number of international students who feel like studying in Ireland is increasing rapidly. It is a worthy alternative to the UK as it is a picturesque country with rich educational traditions. Ireland’s education system includes public universities, institutes of technology, colleges, and private business schools. That is why every student will certainly find a satisfactory educational institution. You should always bear in mind that education in Ireland definitely has its specific features and may differ greatly from the student’s homeland. Howsoever, studying abroad is a perfect opportunity to improve foreign language skills, get acquainted with other cultures, and receive an international diploma.
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