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Although wanderlust and Travel fever drive us to other countries again and again, we nevertheless know that in Germany actually live quite well. We know about the happiness for which Study Not having to take out a loan, not having to worry about social security and the other paperwork, and probably finding a passable job later.
Well, the weather often leaves a lot to be desired, but thanks to Angie and her team we don’t have to sleep on the street. That Germany is not the worst place to live, has now also the Mercer Agency confirmed. The company has a List which lists the world’s most livable cities. And the rating of the German cities is impressive.
On the basis of various factors, the agency has Quality of life of 230 cities around the world. The criteria relate less to nice sights and a beautiful scenic environment than to economic and political factors. According to the consulting agency, there are a total of 39 criteria, such as education, politics, environment, health and economy, which make up the agency’s verdict. This year, the personal Security considered a major factor, causing Paris (37th) and London (39th) to be heavily downgraded by the threat of terrorism.

In the front field of the ranking there are particularly many Cities in Central Europe – specifically also many German cities. In total, three of our home cities made it into the top 10 of the Lebenswert list. Although the international number one is not directly in Germany, it is still German-speaking: the agency rates Vienna as the city with the highest quality of life worldwide. The cities that fare rather poorly are those that are in difficult political or economic circumstances. Due to the euro crisis, Madrid and Athens therefore have to settle for 52nd and 87th place. By the way, Baghdad in Iraq is in 230th place.
Many Mercer employees often go to work for several years in the Abroad. In order to provide a safe and positive home for their work and family abroad, the company takes the effort to evaluate the quality of life in over 200 cities. In addition, it is also a question of cost, because the accommodation in countries with difficult political situation costs the agency a lot of Money. For example, in the form of security services. From the ranking, you can guess that Germany will probably soon be home to some Merce employees. Is your city among the 8 most livable cities in Germany?

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