Student Visa Process For The United Kingdom

If you wish to study abroad, the UK is obviously the first name that comes to your mind. For decades, UK universities are influencing millions all over the world. However, before keeping your steps in a foreign country, you have to follow some legal formalities. The primary step in this respect is getting a visa as a student. Moreover, the student visa has a lot of facilities attached. Therefore, you must be careful about the restrictions and the facilities that you can access in the United Kingdom as a student. A study abroad consultant can guide in the most professional way in such matters. For the Indians, there are the best UK education consultants in Delhi. Hence, your life overseas can be really great as you get a Visa without any hassles.

The Requirements For UK Visa

There are some specific criteria for student immigration to the UK. Generally, students coming from Swiss or any other European background do not require a UK Visa. However, it is mandatory for other students, including the Indians. If your course demands a UK Visa, please ensure that you have all the documents ready. Furthermore, the best study abroad consultants in Delhi will take care of all the rules and intimate you the same. So, in case of any confusion, please be updated with the professionals. Many a time, the requirements keep on changing. Therefore, you must check the website frequently for the current rules and requisites.

The essential documents that you need to submit while applying for the Visa to study in the UK are here;-

  • A recent passport-sized photograph
  • Passport details
  • Proof of financial support for your entire stay in the UK. You must give ten worthy points in this respect.
  • Unconditional offer from a licensed Tier-IV sponsor confirming the name of the place for your preferred course. Your course provider should also provide a “Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies.” There should be 30 points in favor of this.
  • Evidence of the knowledge of English skills by showing the scores and certificate of passing an English Proficiency Test. But this is not necessary for some instances. For example; If you belong to an English-speaking country or have already completed any course in such a country.
  • ATAS Certificate, if you are a non-Swiss or non-EU/EEA student and have applied for a sensitive discipline.

Different Types Of Visas

Are you 18 years or more? Then you are definitely eligible to obtain a student Visa. To get admission to the top universities of the world, you must have a proper visa and passport. Moreover, as per your course duration in the UK, you can even apply for a short-term study visa. These are mainly applicable to some short courses and have a validity period of only six months. However, if required, you can extend it for 11 months only to continue the English language course.

A longer course will need joining an institution holding license of a Tier 4 Sponsor. The children aged between 4 to 7 years can get a Tier-4 Child student visa for studying independently in the UK. However, the students of 16 years and above must get a General Student Visa of Tier-4.

The Convenient Process Of Application

There are no complications in applying for a UK Visa. Moreover, the new Tier-4 Pilot Scheme in the United Kingdom is to study in 27 eligible top-rated universities. This scheme applies to master’s degree students. Furthermore, you have to prove that your course is for 13 months or less. This is also known as the streamlined visa processing method. The most significant advantage for going for the Pilot Scheme is permission to stay abroad even after the Visa expiry. However, this period is for a maximum of a further six months. There is also no need to show proof of your financial status or academic performance. But every student has to abide by all other immigration rules and guidelines to stay in the UK.

Admissify can answer all your questions regarding the immigration guidelines and student visa application procedures. Moreover, they can also assist as study abroad consultants in Guwahati, along with Delhi. So, visit the official website and search for your preferred course in the UK.


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