Study abroad form Bangladesh for higher education

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Study abroad from Bangladesh

Every student has a dream of higher education. It can be abroad or within the country. However, most students want to take a higher degree. Students and their parents are mainly concerned about their studies after HSC. Because at this point a right decision plays an important role for a student. Studying abroad from Bangladesh can be a wonderful experience that widens your horizons, however, before you can go abroad to study, you need to find an institution that provides all your support from start to finish. In Bangladesh  More Than 2 lakh students Take Higher Study  From Abroad.  From the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, China to Australia, there are countless opportunities to study abroad, whether you are interested in pursuing a higher degree or want to study in another country. If you want to study abroad from Bangladesh, you are wondering how this can be done and if it is really possible. This article will explain what you need to know about studying abroad from Bangladesh for a higher degree, including why it can be incredibly useful and how it can happen.

Best  Country  For Study Abroad 

For many students in countries around the world, studying abroad is a fantasy they’ve probably envisioned at one point or another. But one of their biggest questions usually isn’t Where should I go? but rather Is it even possible for me to study abroad? If you live in a developing country like Bangladesh, getting into foreign schools can be an expensive and complex process. To help answer these common questions and address issues that arise along with going through such an experience, we created an entire website dedicated to helping people interested in studying abroad from Bangladesh get started on researching schools, writing applications, finding funding and more. There are plenty of complicated decisions to make when deciding where to go.

Some Country  For Study Abroad 

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Australia
  4. Canada
  5. China
  6. India
  7. Romania
  8. Italy
  9. Germany 
  10. Malaysia

Procedure of Study Abroad for Students:

  1. The first step is to repair the university, the department and also the session.

The process to apply for universities that are located in the United States and Canada is slightly different from Europe or Australia. If you intend to pursue a degree abroad, you should first search the specifics of the various universities. Deadline for application and what documents you need to submit and what’s the price … Find out the subject, and know which one of any institution of higher learning is best suited to your needs. Admission to different universities occurs generally between March to October. Admissions are conducted in a handful of sessions. In this scenario, decide which session you would like to attend.

  1. Get the an original certificate

Get the authentic marks as well as certificates from secondary and higher secondary exams from the board of education or the college. If you want to enrol in postgraduate courses you must collect the honours number as well as the certificate from the registrar’s office at the university. Many European-American universities require that you send a certificate in a university-prescribed envelope in order to graduate.


  1. Make sure you have your passport handy

Passport numbers are required in a lot of instances when applying to universities. Additionally, passports are essential for taking SAT, GRE, GMAT IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEFL tests. If you don’t have an identity card, you need to make one, or when the validity is less than six months you need to create a new one. The spelling of your name on the passport should be exactly the same as that of the secondary-higher secondary certificates. A lot of applicants are not able to be considered for admission, or scholarships because of spelling differences.

  1. Test your GRE, SAT, GMAT IELTS, TOEFL or SAT test.

SAT, GRE or GMAT scores are extremely valued for showing proficiency in various areas at foreign universities. Furthermore scores for TOEFL, IELTS and TOEFL are essential as proof of proficiency in a language. When you are taking these tests you must be a professional to score as high as possible.

  1. Making LOR, SOP, LOI

Terms like LOR, SOP and LOI are well-known for the admission process to universities in foreign countries. The Letter of Recommendation or LOR are required to be obtained from a university or college teacher or other famous person within the academic field. Most universities have distinct kinds of LOR and they can be found on the official website of the university. It is required to compose a statement of purpose or SOP, as well as a ‘Letter of Intent or LOI that explains the reason why the topic or section you’re applying for is significant to you, possible research subjects, the way you plan to conduct research, and what is important to you. When you write the two pieces of paper, you need to write as authentically as you. It is impossible to copy-paste from somewhere other than your own. You must write the letter in your native language based on your personal experience. Separate LORs, SOPs, LORs, and LOIs must be written for the amount of universities you’ll be applying for.

  1. You have to send the application to the university before the last time

In many universities the application form has to be sent by courier about 20-25 days before the last date of application. It takes time to send the application form from Bangladesh to different countries, in this case you have to take the courier with time in hand. Uncertainty about this has increased during the Corona period. So be careful. In most cases it is not accepted if the application is received after the submission date.

  1. Attestation of certificate

Attested copy of the original certificate has to be submitted along with the application in different universities. Certificate must be attested by a university teacher or a notary public. Admission process can get stuck at any time if fake or forged attestation is done.

  1. Contact the embassy for more information.

For students to study in various countries It is possible to find information about higher education from the embassies representing various countries in Bangladesh. Information about fellowships and scholarships can be found on sites such as those of the American Centre for the United States and the British Council for Studying in the United Kingdom, and the Goethe Institute for Germany.

What  to  do Global Star  for you 

Global Star Ltd, incorporated in 2001, was based in Bangladesh. Overseas Educational Consultancy, dedicated to providing the most effective solutions that will allow students of Bangladesh to study abroad in Bangladesh. Global Star Ltd is one of the Leading Overseas Educational Consultants, known for giving the most effective advice and assistance in the direction of Bangladeshi students. Students can enter the most prestigious education centres around the world that include countries like the USA, Australia, Canada and Canada, the UK, Poland, India, China, and Malaysia through Global Star Ltd. Because education is the primary element in shaping the future of students , we make sure that it is the best option for each student. With the information relevant to the student that we have, we are able to provide the most efficient study abroad programs for educational, cultural, financial, and other solutions for graduates, students and those who are interested in. We provide complete assistance in the form of Course counselling, University/Country selection, grants, loans for education and orientations prior to departure. Beginning with the filling of forms, to fee submission, right from the thought of studying abroad all the way to the day you depart – we will help you through each step. Studying abroad on an award is the most efficient option to cut down on the total costs of studying abroad. One of the biggest misconceptions that students have has to do with the fact that they don’t have scholarships available for international students. Government agencies and universities across the globe are seeking out high-performing students and offer a variety of scholarships designed to attract the best and top-performing students from their countries. Our counsellors can assist you in determining ways to apply for scholarships at universities overseas.


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