Study abroad scholarship guide, which one to apply for, country-wise requirements

Scholarships are funds provided to the students to support them bear the expense of education. It is accorded to the students based on their educational merits, personal achievements, and financial requirements.

Why is the study abroad scholarship necessary?

Many students in the country aim to gain education from the best colleges abroad. But, many times, their plans do not become fruitful. This is mainly due to the vast expense of the international colleges. Many students cannot bear the cost of studying and living abroad. However, the Study abroad Scholarship provides financial aid to these young aspirants. It helps the students afford education in their desired to universities abroad. The knowledge of such scholarships is available from a study abroad consultant. The scholarships generally cover up the living expenses also along with the tuition fees. However, the students become eligible for it only on the basis of merit.

The best UK consultants in Delhi will make you understand the types of scholarship and their criteria in different countries.

Types of scholarship-

Here are a few notable scholarship schemes.

Merit-Based Scholarship– This type of scholarship helps provide academically excellent students with financial assistance. Students with some exceptional merit or achievement are bestowed with this. The students require years of academic excellence and performances in co-curriculums. Moreover, they must have a presentable disciplinary record.

Experience Based Scholarship: These scholarships are provided to the individual on the basis of experiences gained by them. Also, their academic background is essential. Work experience is mandatory for students applying for this kind of scholarship. This scholarship is provided primarily to the students wishing to attain a Ph.D., master’s, etc.

Need-Based Scholarship: These scholarships are provided to individuals who cannot bear the expense of studying abroad. Students from the weaker section of society get this financial aid. Thus, they can overcome the hurdle of studying in the top universities of the world. The students who require need-based scholarships should provide proof of the weak financial condition of the family.

Student-specific scholarship: These scholarships are provided to the students based on the courses they are attaining. The scholarships here can be merit-based or need-based.

Countries providing scholarships-


It is known for granting merit-based scholarships to aspiring individuals. The universities in Canada value the students’ academic excellence and consistency. They provide students with exceptional achievements financial aid for education. Moreover, they help the students who wish to build a career in Canada after completing their education.


The payment accorded to the students by the universities of this country covers only tuition fees. The scholarships provided by the institutions of the government in that country are limited.

The USA –

Most of the students in India dream of studying in the USA. This country is home to some of the best educational institutions in the country. Furthermore, this country’s flexible learning, opportunities, and facilities attract individuals from different parts of the world. Also, this country is known to provide financial assistance to millions of aspiring individuals. The best UK educational consultants in Delhi can throw light on these matters.

Singapore and Hong Kong-

There are very few universities in Singapore. However, the job placement, work experiences, and internship programs they provide make up for the high academic level.

The UK-

The standard of education and student-friendly environment attract students. However, the country provides limited scholarships, which is a drawback.

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Things to you have to keep in mind while opting for any scholarship program-

  • . Choose the university wisely. Your future depends on this decision.
  • . Detailed career counseling from known study abroad consultants is very necessary.
  • . Good and early preparation is required.
  • . If you opt for a need-based scholarship, you have to provide proof of the family’s financial condition.

There are various courses and opportunities abroad. And, if you aspire to study abroad and deserve grants for your merit, don’t lose hope. The best institutions will surely provide you the necessary financial aid to fulfill the dream.

Way to a better future

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