Situated on a strategic location between east and west Europe, Lithuania has become a connecting hub offering a unique blend of multicultural environment and cosmopolitan cities with its long history in respect for its traditions and the excellent education standards and regal university. With being neighbouring country with Russia, Poland, Belarus and Latvia, one would get the opportunity to travel and explore other parts of Europe while staying in Lithuania. Lithuania is member of the EU and NATO, and is among the most bilingual and well-educated nations in Europe. Because of its amazing architecture and excellent education standards, Lithuania has been a centre of attraction for people from all around the globe. Established in the 16th century, Lithuania’s Vilnius University is one of the oldest in central Europe and easternmost in the world. The country has total 350+ english taught study programmes offered for the students through its undergraduate, graduate and post graduate courses, these university awarded degrees are globally recognised. Even the foreign students who wishes to learn the language can avail for the one year equalizing course in the Lithuanian language at the university.

Tuition fees

Tuition fee play the most important role if you are wishing to study abroad. With its great history, the country provide students the top quality education with affordable tuition fee and lower living cost. The average cost of studies for bachelor studies is approximately from 1.000 – 5.300 EUR per year, for master studies it’s from 2.200 to 6.500 EUR per year for master studies and the doctoral studies cost around between 7.100 to 8.500 EUR per year. Student of University in Lithuania are eligible to apply for a state scholarship that would cover the tuition fees. Tuition fees differ from institution to institution or the study programme and course. Every Educational institutions announce their tuition fees annually. Students from exchange programme does not have to pay for any extra tuition fees for the exchange programme.

Scholarships and fellowships

The Lithuanian government offers many fully funded or partially funded scholarships for its international students that would fund their studies and some does even cover a student’s living expenses, these scholarships would be provided on need and merit based. Every University has its own fee and the students can avail the scholarship according to it. For both spring and autumn semesters 1st of April is the deadline for document submission, while the full-time master degree study’s application deadline is mid of the July.

Here are some of the scholarships offered:

  • Lithuanian scholarships for international students at Kaunas University of Technology
  • Vilnius University tuition fee waivers for international scholarships
  • Vilnius University tuition fee waivers for Master Degree Studies

Cost of living

Lithuania has one of the fastest-growing economy in the European Union and offers a lower living cost than other countries in the European Union, so without paying the hefty costs one could get the benefits of studying in an EU country. Student accommodation can cost for a little as 100 EUR per month and all including books, food, clothes and other requirement can set a budget of 500 EUR per month or less for a student.

Career opportunities

Being a country of modern economy with a global mind set, Lithuania has multiple international company’s offices, where the international students can apply after graduating from the country. English proficiency is high in demand especially among youth so speaking Lithuanian would not be the biggest hurdle for international students seeking employment. If one consider to stay in their host country after graduation, they can also take a Lithuanian language course that can improve their chances for competing with local job applicants.

Discussing ideas

As Lithuania is located in Northern Europe and have connected borders with Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Russia, the graduates can also try for other parts of Europe which will be more accessible. After taking a degree from an international country, one would have better chance of job opportunities than their peers. Graduates can also reach out for the other international market and move to some other country in future. 

Top universities in Lithuania

  1. Vilnius University 
  2. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University 
  3. Kaunas University of Technology 
  4. Vytautas Magnus University
  5. Klaipeda University 

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