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Are you planning to begin your studies in the United Kingdom? International students are eligible for several scholarships. Today, we’ll go over the top 5 finest scholarships, as well as their benefits and eligibility requirements. Although there are no tuition-free universities in the United Kingdom, there are numerous private and government scholarships available to international students interested in studying in the United Kingdom. So, take a cup of coffee and settle in because you’ve found the best study abroad consultants in Delhi. Read our article to find out how you may study in the United Kingdom for free!

1. Chevening Scholarship for International Students in the United Kingdom

The FCO sponsors the British Chevening Scholarship regularly (Foreign and Commonwealth Office). More than 1500 students from 140 countries are eligible for the scholarship. The best UK consultants in Delhi are available to assist you!

• College / University: Any university in the United Kingdom

Topic Eligibility: Any subject with a full teaching degree is eligible.

• Scholarships, which may include fees, monthly living expenses, Economics Class refunds, additional grants, and grants.

Every year, the deadline for scholarship applications is November 6th.


• You must be a citizen of a Chevening country, which consists of 162 nations around the world.

• Stay in your home country for at least two years after the scholarship ends.

• A letter of acceptance from a university in the United Kingdom.

• Proof of English language proficiency.

2. Barriers International Students are eligible for Cambridge Scholarships.

The Gates Scholarship is one of the most renowned in the United Kingdom. It is for promising academic students who are citizens of countries other than the United Kingdom.

• the University of Cambridge 

Any one-year undergraduate course that leads to a Ph.D., MLitt, or MSc is eligible.

• Tuition fees at Cambridge, travel expenses, maintenance grants, family financing, fieldwork, and other expenditures are all covered by scholarships.

Annually, the study deadline is the 10th of October for students in the United States and the 5th of December for everyone else.

Terms of Eligibility:

• You are a citizen of a nation other than the United Kingdom.

Apply for a Ph.D., MLitt, MSc, or any other full-time one-year degree program.

3. Scholarships from the Clarendon Fund at Oxford University

Clarendon is not as well-known as the Chevening Scholarship, yet it is one of the most distinguished Scholarships in terms of numerous grants. More than 140 scholarships are awarded each year to students from all around the world with strong academic backgrounds and demonstrated abilities. 

Any full-time graduate and Master’s Program programs, excluding PG Diploma and Certificate programs, are eligible.

• Scholarships that cover all tuition and college fees, as well as £ 14,777 per year in living expenses throughout study time.

• Qualification Qualifications: Outstanding Educational and Graduation Qualifications Application Deadline for Study: January 25th, year

4. Chancellor’s International Scholarship at Warwick

A graduate research competition was offered to Warwick Chancellors. It is open to all international students who have been accepted for a Ph.D. program.

Ph.D. in any discipline from the University of Warwick is eligible.

• Full tuition fees up to £ 22,860 and £ 15,044 upkeep for 3.5 years are covered by scholarships.

The study application deadline is January 18th of each year.

• You must be accepted for a Ph.D. program at the University of Warwick; students who are already in the first year of their Ph.D. program at Warwick may also work.

There are no country requirements; nevertheless, the student must appear outside of the United Kingdom.

5. International Westminster Scholarships

Anyone from a developing country can apply for the Westminster International Scholarship, as long as they are admitted into Westminster’s full Master’s program.

• The University of Westminster, University of Westminster, University of Westminster, University of Westminster, University of Westminster, University of Westminster, University of Westminster,

A full-time Program at Westminster University, excluding MBA, is eligible.

• School fees, housing, life benefits, and a flight to London are all covered by scholarships.

Scholarship deadline: The Westminster International Scholarship Application Scholarship deadline is on October 13th each year.

• Holds a scholarship to study a full-time master’s degree at the University of Westminster 

• Is from a poor nation specified on the eligibility criteria for a study website

Now that you know about all of these study courses in the UK, here’s a quick rundown of how overseas students can study in the UK:

UK Student International Studies: A study abroad consultancy can assist you in planning your ideal vacation. For students seeking higher education in an English-speaking country, the United Kingdom has traditionally been the chosen destination.

At universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, and UCL, the level of education provided by educational institutions in the UK speaks for itself. With the UK re-posting the Post Study Work Visa in the UK for a period of two years beginning in 2020, opportunities for international students are expanding. In conclusion, if you wish to study abroad, there are numerous advantages to select the United Kingdom.

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