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Studying in the UK has never been this exciting; kudos to Brexit and the new two year post study work visa opportunity for international students.
By this new rule, all students who have completed their Postgraduate programmes in the UK from summer of 2020 will have an unhindered right to reside and work in the UK for another two years after graduation before proceeding into other immigration residency streams in the UK.
Many students have asked the question as per what becomes of their residency right after the expiration of the 2years post study work visa. My response has always been that students under this regime can progressed further into work permit residence stream or other forms of lawful UK residency privileges upon the expiration of the 2years post study work visa provided the student is able to secure a job experience.
Having regard to the opportunities that awaits international students in the UK, it is advisable for students seeking to study abroad to consider the UK first above other option, especially for the ground that UK student visa is always 100% sure.
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List of Programmes open for international students in the UK:
For list of documents required for admission into UK Universities, kindly visit
Why Study in the UK?
Sound reasons abound why UK is ranked higher than other countries for international students’ preference. Student from West Africa cannot afford to ignore this opportunity. The reasons include:
UK education reckons quality as one of the best education system worldwide;
UK certificate is globally acceptable worldwide for purpose of job advantage;
UK education avails access to varieties of courses which cannot easily be easily found in other destinations like Canada;
UK preset a high capacity education regulation policy by government;
Dependants students can accompany the principal applicant;
Students can work while studying, while their accompanying spouse can work full time and children attend free schools;
Guaranteed 2years post study work opportunity for all international students;
Enhanced immigration chances for further employment migrations/PR to countries like Canada & Australia;
Proximity to West Africa. For example, Lagos to London is simply six hours. So, most students can conveniently study in the UK and still manage their business and family here;
100% FREE admission. No registration fee & no consultation fee to secure your admission through Ronald and Partners Consult;
High Visa success rate – (Ronald and Partners Consult have no record of UK student visa refusal in the past 11years now);
Active Scholarships/Bursary for all international students ranging from 2,000pounds to 5,000 pounds depending on course & institution;
IELTS, SAT or Toefl are not mandatory for the Anglophone West Africans;
Best education destination for extensive culture mix;
Application is 100% FREE and you can simply commence your application by clicking on or contact us on telephone (+2348034311748). You can as well print a PDF soft copy form, complete the form and scan it back to us along with your credentials and necessary support documents as listed on the website.
Academic qualification:
Students will need to show academic qualification for purpose of seeking the admission. For example, an applicant applying for an a Master’s Degree is required to show that he has a bachelor degree in a related course leading to the master’s course; while an applicant for undergraduate course will have to provide his or her high school certificate such as WAEC, NECO, IGCSE or A’level result.
HND & 3rd Class Degree Specifics.
Not all schools will accept a 3rd class degree holder, but certainly, few schools are available to accept 3rd class either as direct master’s degree or pre-masters route.
In the same vein, HND holders are opened to PGD entrance route, Degree Top-Ups or Pre-Masters routes.
Admission Process Duration!!
Admission letter is usually guaranteed within few days or weeks after submission of application form and credentials and other relevant documents to the school. For list of documents required for admission, kindly visit
What next after receiving your offer letter?
If issued with a conditional offer letter, the student is required to meet the conditions listed on the offer, but if the offer letter is issued unconditional, then the next stage us to pay tuition. CAS – Confirmation of Acceptance to Study.
This is the letter given to a student by his education provider for visa application purposes. Note that a CAS is valid for six months and can only be used ones. See more about CAS letter below.
Standard Assessment Rule for Issuance of a UK Student Visa!!
The standard tests for assessing a UK student visa application are in two folds. The first is the Point Base System assessment aspect. The governing qualification for passing this assessment stage is that of “strict compliance” under the PBS Tier 4 visa rule.
The second standard assessment test is that of passing the credibility interview. The score assessment rule on credibility interview is on “balance of probability” as applicable to other types of visa applications.
The both rules signifies that a student must strictly satisfy the Tier 4 visa rule on PBS assessment points and also satisfy the visa application judge that he or she has a genuine intention for seeking to come and study in the UK. This is done through the credibility interview test.
The first standard insists that you must strictly meet the rules for issuing such a visa; while the second standard requires the student to pass the credibility interview with sufficient conviction that he has a genuine intention for seeking to study in the UK.
Ground for granting a UK Student visa:
There are five major factors that students must take cognizance of at the visa application stage and failure to meet the standard requirement at any of the five stages will automatically leads to a student visa refusal by the UKVI.
Submission of a valid CAS;
Submission of documents listed on the CAS letter;
Meeting the maintenance funds threshold;
Submission of a Tuberculosis Test Certificate, and
Passing the credibility interview if there was an interview.
What is CAS?
CAS as mentioned earlier is the acronym for Confirmation of Acceptance to Study. It is the document issued by the UK Visa and Immigration Services (UK Borer Agency) to an education provider for onward transmission to a designate student to enable the student submit apply for his or her visa.
All applicants for a student visa must submit a valid CAS letter issued in their correct names and detailed to the visa office along other documents. A CAS is valid for 6 months and not transferable. It must contain a certain number known as “CAS Number”, Sponsor’s License Number and a Study Centre. A valid CAS must also contain the list of documents assessed by the UKVI before the CAS was issued.
Failure to submit CAS letter along with the UK student visa application may lead to the refusal of the application. Note that all documents listed on the CAS must be submitted along with the CAS for visa request.
What is Maintenance under the PBS?
The term maintenance here means living expenses or possible cost of living which covers for feeding, accommodation, transportation and all other sundry expenses by a student during studies. The period for assessment under this head is 9 months.
For the purpose of explanation, UK is divided into two districts for purpose of assessing maintenance. There is the inside London and the outside London depending on where the school is located.
For student applying to study inside London, they must show that they have a monthly maintenance sum of 1,334GBP for a total of 9 months; while, student applying to study outside London must show a monthly maintenance sum of 1,023GBP for a total of 9 months.
Note that the document to establish maintenance compliance is the student’s personal bank statement or the parent’s personal bank statement from a regular bank. Note that company’s bank statement and MFB bank statement are not admissible under the Tier 4 visa rule.
The requisite fund is required to be held in the admissible bank statement for a minimum period of 28days without falling below the exact threshold.
Note that there is also room for submission of official financial sponsorship letter as maybe approved by the UKVI.
Credibility interview Stage.
Credibility interview is usually done by an entry clearance officer vide an interview process. This interview could be done physically or by electronic means including the telephone system. Credibility interview only seeks to underscores the student’s genuineness of intention to study in the UK. For the purpose of judging a student’s credibility to study in the UK, the visa officer will usually look at the following factors:
In answering the questions put forth at Tier 4 visa interview stage, the student must show good composure, fluency, audible with words and far from malapropisms. The student must also ensure that he or she provides specific answers to questions as pertain to certain questions, avoiding contradictions and use of generic answers.
Grounds for Visa Refusal:
The major grounds for students’ visa refusal are as follows:
Right of Administrative Review
A student that is denied a UK student visa will be entitled to a right of redress under the administrative review mechanism. The administrative request rule avails students with the right to argue their cases with the view to establishing that they meet the visa requirements and rule that could necessitate a reversal of the visa refusal decision.
Conclusion and Recommendation
UK does not have a visa cap for students; any student that qualifies for a student visa will surely be granted a visa.
The author strongly advised prospective students to consider UK education for the grounds listed above.
For any question, clarifications or enquiries on this article or if perhaps you need help to process your UK admission and visa, kindly contact the author on or through telephone on +2348034311748. Emails, or
RONALD AND PARTNERS CONSULT – 3rd Floor, Nurses House, PC 43, Churchgate Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.
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