Studying abroad not just about degrees but stepping stone for migration for many: Experts on foreign campu – Economic Times

Study abroad journey for Indians gets tougher amid struggle for affordable living in the UK
Solving key issues: Increasing accessibility to global education
How foreign countries are attracting Indian students with lucrative offers and opportunities
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India has drawn up a list of over 35 items that are being examined for a possible customs duty increase in the upcoming budget, scheduled to be announced on February 1.
Reliance Capital’s lenders have proposed holding a fresh auction next week at a minimum bid threshold of ₹9,500 crore for the Anil Ambani-founded financial services firm that’s undergoing bankruptcy resolution.
Reliance Industries (RIL) aims to build an integrated fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company with plans to enter almost every product category and an equal focus on backend sourcing, according to a regulatory filing.
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