The WorldGrad announces the “UK Year 1” Program to Accelerate Study in the UK for Indian Students –

The WorldGrad, India’s leading digital platform for overseas learning, has announced the “UK Year 1” program in association with the Swiss School of Business and Management (SSBM). This program will fast-track students to completing their 40-week first year of any undergraduate degree in merely 26 weeks online. The credits acquired will be approved by various UK universities courtesy of the collaboration with the SSBM.
The WorldGrad has partnered with Edge Hill University, Plymouth Marjon University, and De Montfort University to provide seamless enrollment through this program. This list will expand further.
The WorldGrad is one of the leading edtech platforms that provides additional scholarships to aspirants. The company aims to make education in the UK affordable and enhance students’ acceptance with this program. The “UK Year 1” curriculum complies with the criteria established by all UK universities. Furthermore, the one-on-one tutoring ensures that students are ready to complete their remaining curriculum on-campus.

Commenting on the program, Mr. Abhinav Mittal, Co-Founder of The WorldGrad, stated, “I am passionate about the convergence of technology and services in education and strongly believe that both are critical in achieving results. Ease of admissions is a top area in our agreement with our UK partners. It is an integrated application process where the student needs to only apply once to The WorldGrad and can then get admission offers from multiple universities.”
De Montfort University stated in response to this collaboration, “De Montfort University, Leicester, is delighted to be associated with The WordGrad. The partnership reflects our joint ambitions to provide better opportunities to Indian students looking to study in the UK. The agreement will benefit students on business courses wishing to complete their studies at DMU’s campus in Leicester. I am sure this is the start of fruitful cooperation between our institutions, and I look forward to growing a long-term and meaningful partnership.”
The WorldGrad not only increases the number of students by making a UK education more affordable but also improves the quality of students through its award winning education delivery platform. Programs like this allow students to exhibit their authenticity and commitment to learning while obtaining the necessary academic skills. As a result, aspirants also obtain a better potential for passing the evaluation of universities and visa officials.
About The WorldGrad
The World’s Largest study abroad program platform. Founded by IITians Abhinav Mital (ISB), Pranav Saxena, and Amit Garga (IIMB),  The WorldGrad aims to make high-quality overseas education more accessible to students through its range of hybrid programs, co-developed and delivered in partnership with globally ranked institutions.  Through its program portfolio, The WorldGrad offers a personalised path to over 1000 overseas degrees across key English-speaking destinations. Unlike most study abroad platforms, The WorldGrad allows students to complete a part of their overseas degree on their platform and finish the rest on-campus abroad. This allows students to gain much needed academic skills, save money and time. While it is best known for its two-tiered teaching model and unparalleled 1-1 learning support, the platform also provides other services like academic and financial counselling. The platform has helped  50,000 students in the last 12 months and plans to help 500,000 more students to realise their study abroad dream in the coming years.

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