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If you’re looking to study in the United Kingdom for any course and at any level, whether undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD, one of your greatest challenge might be how to finance your education.
As a result of the high exchange rate, inflation and how bad the Nigerian economy is, an average Nigerian would find it difficult to pay the fees demanded by these universities in full or in part as these schools charge thousands in Pounds Sterling, an amount which is usually higher for international students which when converted runs into millions of naira.
However there are some universities that allow international students pay their school fees in installments. These universities offer you admission and allow you pay a fraction of the school fees after which you will be able to receive the (CAS) confirmation of acceptance that you need to apply for the VISA.
Depending on the university, the number of installments vary. For some it is in two installments, while for others it is more. The number of installments can go from two to eight depending on the institution and according to their discretion.
These universities include:
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So Goodluck in your next application!
I am interested,
For second degree course
University of Stirling – Allows up to 8 installments
I am interested in any universities allowing monthly payment.
Secondly will they offer jobs while schooling applicant?
I am interested
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