This Indian entrepreneur is helping international students find housings and loans easily

The founder of UniAcco and UniCreds, Mr. Amit Singh, did not study in a foreign university. However, he was always inquisitive about studies and the system in universities abroad. Later on, he conducted researches on the university abroad and their systems of education. Moreover, other important factors were the eligibility requirements, scholarships offered, and the loans and accommodation required by the students. He just wanted to help the students fulfill their aspiration of studying abroad.

The path that the students follow are –

. They seek educational advice from the professional consultants

. They choose career courses and apply for scholarships

. They look for loans and accommodations abroad and prepare visas

. They travel to their overseas destination.

The completion of these processes takes a lot of time. Furthermore, most times, they turn out to be exhausting. The arrangements of the loans and housing, getting a visa, and struggling for scholarships are pretty complex. However, the best UK consultants in Delhi can support you in this journey.

The objective of the organization founded by Mr. Amit Singh-


Their main objective to look after the needs and requirements of the international students. They also provide the best possible accommodation for the students going to study abroad without any hassle. Unico deals with helping students to get through all the procedures. Moreover, from selecting a particular university to entering the college campus, it covers everything.


They primarily aim to provide educational loans to help students pay for education, accommodation, and traveling abroad. They lower the interests to be paid by the students and postpone the repayment schedule during the course. This indeed is a great initiative to help individuals gain education from their desired colleges abroad. They also arrange for scholarships for the individuals and facilitate further studies. By contacting the best study abroad consultants in Delhi, you can come across this organization easily.

Position of the Uniacco and Unicreds in the Market

The London enterprise award hosted by the SME news honored them with the Best Cross- Border Student Housing Provider Award. They also hold a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. Amit Singh further says that they have helped students from different parts of the world. The support was in the form of housing, educational loans, and guidance. Unico helped students from the UK, US, India, and several other countries. They just managed to get admission to their dream colleges. They are one of the leading student housing markets. Moreover, they wish to be among the top three by the coming year.

What inspired the founder?

Amit Singh worked in the corporate sector for a very long period. However, later on, he wanted to begin a start-up and work for the well-being of the students. The education system always fascinated him. Therefore, along with a budding business entrepreneur, Shayantan Biswas, developed a solid plan and ran the business together. This great guy is the co-founder of the organization today.

Amit Singh on the expansion of the industry-

Within almost a year, the industry has managed to strengthen its position. It has accommodated more than 40,000 members and has provided educational loans to a great many students. Amit Singh further adds that they wish to double the amount by the end of the year. They also want to provide housing to a larger number of people by the end of 2022.

Amit Singh’s advice to the students studying abroad-

The founder asks the students to seize the opportunity and make use of every moment. He says that the students who have got the chance are lucky. They should make each moment worth it.

Guide to a better future-

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