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Abhishek Gulati, Manager – Growth Strategy & Global Education, Mindler.
The world as we know has undergone a major transition in the last couple of years. The  notion of certain countries being the global superpowers is hardly true anymore. There has been a paradigm shift when we talk about higher education as well. Even though the United  States still stays as one of the most sought after countries to pursue higher education for  international students, there are several other countries which are proving to be more  favorable. As we observe the student data from India and the preferences of students and  their parents in recent years there seems to be a major change in perspective and options  they are considering for further studies. The number of factors considered while choosing a  study destination has also diversified; some of the most thought through ones are: 
The list of the aforementioned factors is surely not exhaustive but these are some of the most important considerations for students while deciding on a viable study destination. Here is a list of the most favorable and popular countries to study for international students in 2023: 
Let us just get it out of the way. For Indian students the US will always be one of the most  sought after countries, and rightly so. The US is home to some of the leading universities  around the world. We cannot compare the excellence of institutes like MIT, Harvard,  Stanford or the other legacy universities that have been home to some of the world’s most successful leaders, industrialists and innovators. Even though the rising dollar prices extend  a financial burden on Indian parents, the ‘American Dream’, is still what so many students  aspire to achieve.  
This should be a given. Canada has established a global reputation for international students  owing to its flexibility and diversity of culture. Indian students have been majorly inclined  towards Canada because of easier access with respect to immigration policies. University of  Toronto, University of British Columbia and University of Waterloo are some of the most sought after universities for international students, and these are surely some of the best in  the world. This last year witnessed over 58% of Indian students receive rejections for their  student visa application because of several factors including choice of programs, future  career goals of students, and also because of unsatisfactory scores in English proficiency  tests. This surely has raised a few concerns for students but the number of applications to  Canada for higher education is still on the rise. 
Even though the political environment in the country has been far from stable in the last  few years, the reputation that the universities in the UK enjoy has hardly faced the brunt of  the same. The UK is home to universities like Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial College and  London school of Economics, the education offered by these universities is possibly the best  in the world, and cannot be substituted. This has ensured high performing students from India to continue to apply to these universities without a shred of hesitation. The two year  extended stay for international students after completion of their respective degree in the UK was surely a welcome move, and has been well received by international students. 
Australia is surely one of the most favorable countries for international students. Apart from  being home to some really good universities like the University of Melbourne, University of  Sydney and Australia National University, Australia has so much more to offer. Sandy beaches, the Great Barrier Reef, surfing experiences, along with some of the best student  centric cities in the world like Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, etc are all at the heart of the  country that makes it attractive for a prosperous life for students. One of the most  attractive factors for students happens to be the comparatively less local population as well.  
The country henceforth below is surely worth consideration. 
In recent years, students have recognised the potential this amazing country holds, and the  quality of life and education that it has to offer. Home to excellent universities like the  University of Amsterdam, Erasmus Rotterdam, and Delft University of Technology, the  Netherlands has more to be proud of beyond its rich culture, art and of course the dams. In  terms of affordability this is one of the most favorable study destinations for international  students, when we compare the US, Canada, and the UK. Majority of the country speaks  English, so language barrier is not really a thing, which allows international students to  settle in with ease. 
Some other prominent mentions will surely go to Singapore, France, Germany, South Korea,  and New Zealand. All these countries are really popular among Indian students as well, and  with time is gaining popularity. The fact that they still have limited courses that they excel in  pushes them a little down the favorable list. It is also important to acknowledge that this list  is an interpretation of recent data and is subject to change with evolving trends. It is still a  request to students to do due diligence before selecting a viable study destination. Career counsellors and overseas education consultants can be a great help when it comes to  identifying the right fit country and university. Hope this list helps you make a better  decision for your study abroad journey!
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Views expressed above are the author’s own.
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