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A Degree of Bachelor’s from the UK is respected all over the world, and the subjects one can choose to study are vast. A degree from any of the universities of the UK will look impressive on a CV, and when searching for suitable employment in the future, regardless of the field or the location, possessing an undergraduate degree from the UK will be a unique selling point. These are a few of the benefits if you wish to study in UK.
A study program of Bachelor’s in the UK leads to degrees like BSc or Bachelor of Science, BA or Bachelor of Arts, LL.B. or Bachelor of Law, and B.BA or Bachelor of Business among others.
Here are the top 10 universities for pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in the UK:
The detailed information on the top universities for Bachelor’s in the UK is given below:
One of the most reputed schools when students have to decide where to study abroad, Oxford University is a historic institution that is regarded as being the oldest English university worldwide. Historians believe that teaching began at the university in 1096 of the 11th century.
Oxford University consistently retains the top position in the global university rankings. The university has been ranked among the leading universities by the QS World University Ranking, US News & World Report ranking, and the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.
The university has approximately 100 majors governed by the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences, and the Faculty of Medical Sciences.
Oxford University is also home to an extensive library system in the UK. It has more than 100 libraries offering a broad range of library services that fulfil the requirement of its students, academics, and the community of international researchers.
Eligibility Requirements
The requirements for a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Oxford are given below:
The University of Cambridge was established in 1209 and is the fourth oldest university in the world.  It is also among the top 10 universities in the UK and is sought by the best employers in the country for graduate placement.
The university boasts of its alumni being Nobel laureates with essential achievements like establishing a national income accounting system, the discovery of DNA’s structure, the discovery of penicillin, and so on.
The university is ranked at the 2nd position in the QS World University Rankings 2021.
Eligibility Requirements
Here are the eligibility requirements for the Bachelor’s degree at the University of Cambridge:
Imperial College London was established in 1907. It is among the world’s famous public research universities. It is also reputed to be the only British university to focus exclusively on engineering, business, science, and medicine.
Imperial has students and staff from more than 140 countries. This factor makes the university the most culturally diversified university worldwide. Over 50 percent of the students hail from outside the UK and 32 percent are non-EU students. The university offers over 100 courses at the level of undergraduate studies.
It offers multiple scholarships to deserving students and is considered to be the most generous institution in the UK with respect to financial aid. It is placed at the 8th position in the world for 2022 by QS rankings.
Eligibility Requirements
The requirements for a Bachelor’s degree at the Imperial College of London are given below:
The UCL or University of College London is considered to be the 3rd largest university regarding the total number of students admitted to the university. It was established in 1826. UCL was among the first institutions in London that offered admission to students regardless of their religion. It was the first university to enroll women.
More than 43,900 students from over 150 countries are enrolled in UCL. It was the first university in the UK that utilized A-grade level for enrollment in its famous courses like Law, Economics, Medicine Theoretical Physics, Mathematics, European Social and Political Studies, and Psychology.
Eligibility Requirements
Here are the requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree at UCL:
The University of Edinburgh was established in 1582. It is known to be the 6th oldest university in Scotland. The university is an open institution. In 1583, the university began its first classes. The university is the 4th Scottish university that evolved as an institution by the Royal Charter.
Eligibility Requirements
Here are the requirements for a Bachelor’s degree at Edinburgh:
The University of Manchester is a public-funded research intensive university in Manchester, England. The university is a part of the reputed Russel Group of research-oriented universities in the UK.
The University of Manchester was established in 2004 by combining the USMIT or University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and the Victoria University of Manchester. Both the institutions have a legacy of 100 years.
Eligibility requirements
 The requirements for a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Manchester are given below:
The KLC or King’s College London is a public-funded research institution of higher learning that was established by King George IV and Arthur Wellesley in 1829. It is considered to be the 4th oldest university in England and a member of the Russel Group.
It has five campuses in
Eligibility Requirements
Here are the requirements for the Bachelor’s degree at the King’s College London:
 LSE or London School of Economics and Political Science was established in 1895. The primary focus of LSE is on developing research theories and innovative ideas.
The university offers multiple courses through a few of its departments like:
It also offers specialized courses in study fields like philosophy, statistics, geography, law, mathematics, and environment. Additionally, the university is visited by professionals expert in their field who provide practical knowledge to the students.
Eligibility Requirements
The requirements for Bachelor’s at the LSE are given below:
 The University of Warwick was established in 1961. It started with a small batch of graduate students in 1964. It aims to provide the best experience to the students and the 2021 NSS or National Student Survey results is a proof of that. It is ranked in the 3rd position in the Russell Group rankings and 13th position in the UK.
Eligibility Requirements
The requirements for eligibility at the University of Warwick are given below:
The University of Bristol was established in 1876. It is an open research university. Initially, there were 15 subjects taught by two professors and five lecturers.  The university commenced its classes with 99 students only.
The University of Bristol was the first university in the UK to accept the admission of female students. In 1893, the university collaborated with the Bristol Medical School and in 1909, it associated with the Merchant Venturers Technical College. The collaboration resulted in the opening of degree programs in the field of Engineering and Health Sciences.
Eligibility Requirements
Here are the requirements for a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Bristol:

Why Should you Study in the UK?

Here are some reasons why you should pursue Bachelor’s degree in the UK:
The institutions of higher learning in the UK are recognized globally for their imaginative and competitive environments, that help students to give their best. The standards are considered high, with experts on multiple academic topics, and they are ranked at the top of international university rankings.
The British system of higher education has been the parameter for standards of higher education around the world. The UK offers ingenious teaching styles and modern infrastructure.
The UK has a multicultural society and is popular among international students. The country is the 2nd most sought-after destination for international students in the world.
This diversity implies that the campuses display different cultures. You can interact with people from all over the world and learn more than your academic degree.
An international student has an allowance to work for 20 hours per week during pursuing their studies, and 10 hours when the institution is closed for vacations. It facilitates the students to take up a part-time job or internship, gain new skills, and earn money while pursuing their studies.
Your university can help you be a part of an internship as part of your study program. It will give you a competitive edge among your peers after you graduate.
The government of the UK has announced a post-study visa that facilitates international students to stay and work in the UK for an additional two years.
International students will have financial benefits if they choose to study in the UK.
A degree in the UK is of shorter duration compared to other countries. In the UK, the undergraduate degree takes three years to complete and one year is required to complete a postgraduate degree.
International students can also avail of financial help when they are pursuing education in the UK, in the form of bursaries, grants, and scholarships.  The living costs in the UK, outside of famous cities like London, are affordable.
You need to research the place before applying to the university to help you better understand the expenses. In general, food, entertainment, and rent are more inexpensive than in the US.
If you opt to study in the UK, you will not be bored, there would be always something to do irrespective of what interests you. The UK is filled with people with roots from all over the world. It makes the UK society of melting pot of different cultures, interests, and food. You will learn about not just the British culture, but from cultures from other countries too.
In any part of the UK, you decide to move to, you will find an interesting mix of restaurants, shops, nightlife, and sporting activities to keep you engaged. The British love to visit bars, art galleries, concerts, and open-air marketplaces, so you will always have something to keep you interested in after class hours.
Hopefully, the information given above was helpful to help you decide why you should study in the UK for your Bachelor’s degree.
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