Top reasons to choose Poland as an education destination

Poland is a decent place to study and has around 450 higher education organizations. It includes both national academic centers and local ones. In addition, there are plenty of specific colleges related to medicine, agriculture, finance, music, and arts. Some private colleges offer programs in English too.


Study in Poland will enhance the prospects of a student. The education process is continuously assessed. We have a complete look at the education system of Poland-the people, food, safety and culture. An educational place must cater to the overall development of the child. The immediate surrounding, history of the nation, people and economy are essential factors to be taken into account.

Students must create a checklist to see which country matches all their criteria. Next, they can quickly zero in on any programme and get an overview of the curriculum, faculty, fee and accommodation. Both students and parents need to check thoroughly before getting admission.

Poland is known to be a scenic place and has always grabbed travelers’ attention. The weather is also pleasant. Poland is an ideal place to stay for a long while.

The History of the Polish Education System

The Polish education system dates back 650 years. It made a lot of profit for Poland and for other countries too. Poland is always known for innovation and having the spirit of being professional.

  • In the 19th century, geology research was established by Ignacy Domeyko.
  • In Peru, between 1872 and 1876, Ernest Malinowski built the highest railroad.
  • The creator of modern anthropology is Bronislaw Malinowski
  • Polish artists, scientists and public figures have received Nobel prizes.

The academic tradition in Poland dates back to the 14th century. In the year 1364, the Jagiellonian University in Krakow was set up. It was known to be the second university in central Europe.

Warsaw University ranked first in the Top Coder international IT ranking.

  • The polish professional are always appreciated by the worldwide recruiter
  • The doctor’s engineers and architects are always well acclaimed
  • All the polish graduates are prepared to enter the global market.

Discussing the polish hospitality

There are plenty of things which bother a student before they start their overseas education venture. However, the Polish people are known for their hospitality; they are friendly and especially to outsiders. One can feel the warmth in the city, be it alone or with companions.

The polish people invite others for gatherings, dispatch or a restaurant. Most of them are helpful and can show you the entire city. Poland has some exciting stories to share. The senior people cannot communicate well in English, but they will still help you do your best. There are sometimes issues when it comes to corresponding in English. But young people can easily communicate in English.

Education Framework

The education system in Poland is modern, and the Polish higher education framework is known to grow continuously. Students go through a checklist before they start their study abroad. It is known that Poland holds the fourth spot in Europe after the United Kingdom, Germany and France when the number of individuals being enlisted in higher education.

It is seen that the average student population at more than 400 college-level schools stands right at 1.5 million. Many students take admission each year at universities and colleges. Foreign language courses are also offered.

A three-phase education system is followed- Bachelor/Master/Doctoral in the dynamic country of Poland. It also follows the European Credit Transfer System. When considering education abroad, Poland is considered appealing and has an expanded education opening.

In short, the education system is comprehensive, and it has a lot to offer to students in terms of knowledge and exposure.

How secure is Poland?

When planning admission overseas, students need not think of security in Poland. It is more secure than many of the European nations. All the Nordic nations, even though well protected, have a higher crime ratio than Poland. Education and stay is safe for all international students from any race or origin. Security is the prime concern of every parent. This country is highly secure and habitable. Students will never feel troubled or not at ease when in Poland.

Fast growing economy

Students can think of International Education in Poland due to the low expenses and cost of living. Poland is moving fast in terms of monetary advancement, but still, the basic cost of daily items is lower. Students can easily adjust their food, accommodation and transport within 200-400 Euros. Students, after completing their graduation, can also look for work here. Some colleges and universities assist them.

Poland is known for its outstanding culture and entertainment

The polish culture is world-renowned. It has a lot of historical significance and is marked by achievements. The polish writers received the Nobel Prize. Also, the historical composer is well renowned. They are known to write new chapters in the history of music. There are many academy award winners too. Film artists are recognized worldwide.

Poland offers a good quality of cultural entertainment for people of every age group. A plethora of festivals, book fairs, and other entertainment takes place. The sports fans are not left untouched too. In 2012, Poland was known to host the UEFA European Football Championships. It is one of the most important sports events and is known to attract thousands and hundreds of fan from across the world.

A culturally rich country will always have something more to the students to offer.

Here are plenty of reasons to choose Poland for studies at any level. The facilities are immense and completely nominal. As far as student’s safety is concerned, the parents can rest assured that their kids will not face any kind of problem.

What are you waiting for? If you plan to study abroad then choose Poland at the earliest and make a significant leap in your career. Read the above blog and get all the details.


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