Top Universities in the UK 2019

Top Universities in the UK 2019

United Kingdom is the second most famous study abroad destination after U.S.A among the international students who wish to study abroad.UK’s institutions are globally known for its quality of education. Along with education, UK provides with the premium stay back opportunities and high paid placement as compare to any other foreign country. Here I am listing down top 10 universities of U.K which every student should know if they are planning to study abroad.

Please note that some of the universities which are mentioned below are a part of Russell Group. Universities of Russell or Russell Group are a group of 24 universities in the UK which aims to promote higher education and excellent teaching facilities to both domestic and international students.

1.      University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is a university of public research in Cambridge, United Kingdom, lawfully known as the Chancellor, Master and Scholars of the University of Cambridge. It is ranked as Britain’s 1st ranked university.

2.      University of Oxford

University of Oxford is a research university in Oxford, England. The University of Oxford is comprised of 39 established schools and a variety of university agencies, divided into four faculties. It is ranked 2nd in U.K’s top universities.

3.      Imperial College London

Established I 1851, Imperial college is a public research university situated in London. Imperial is organized by natural science, engineering, medicine and business faculty. There is an international community in the university with over 59 per cent of students from outside UK and 140 countries on campus.

4.      Durham University

The Durham University was established by the Parliamentary Act of 1832 and included in the Royal Charter of 1837 as a government study school in Durham, England. As a university, its primary roles are split between the university’s educational divisions and its 16 universities. The services generally conduct studies and teach learners, while the universities have responsibility for their household provisions and social welfare.

5.      University of St.Andrews

The University of St Andrews is a public university in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland. The university is a public university, abbreviated St Andrews in post-nominals, Latin-sancti Andreae. The St Andrews is composed of three collegies, United College and the St Leonard College, St Mary’s and St Leonard’s, which are the last named to be a non-statutory recovery from St Leonhard’s post-graduate society. St Andrews consists of three institutions, including the United College.

6.      London School of Economics

London School of Economics is a public university in London, England and a federal University of London institution. The London School is officially known as the LSE. The London School of Economics and Political Science is an institution. In the area of law, history, economy, philosophy, philosophy, business, literature, the media, and politics, LSE has produced many notable alumni.

7.      University of Exeter

Founded in 1955, University of Exeter is a public research university in Exeter, South West Kingdom, England. University of Exeter is further divided into 4 other universities which are-Streatham and St Luke’s (both in Exeter), and Truro and Penryn, both in Cornwall. Exeter is a member of the Russell group of UK universities leading in the area of research and is also a member of UK universities, the European University Association, and the Commonwealth Universities Association.

8.      University of Bath

A public university located in the city Bath, This University is globally recognized for its excellence in research and training. The best known courses of this university are- Humanities, Architecture, Management, Social Science, Civil Engineering, Economics and Computer Science. The course under this university unlike others focuses majorly on vocational education.

9.      University college of London

Established in 1826 by Jeremy Bentham as London University, UCL was the first organization in London and the first to be fully secularized in England, to allow students irrespective of their religion. UCL has its primary location in Central London’s Bloomsbury district, with a range of other universities and schools in Central London and satellite colleges in Stratforde East London and in Doha, Qatar Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

10.  Royal Veterinary College

Established in 1791, Royal Veterinary College is a tertiary educational institute which joined the group of universities of London in 1949. It is the oldest veterinary school in the UK and one of the eight in the country where students can study for veterinary use.


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