The University of Toronto that was first formed as a King’s College in 1827 has now evolved into a large and complex institution. Located in the heart of Canada, University of Toronto is best known for its innovation and research as it is the birthplace for discovery of insulin and stem cell research, and the invention of the electron microscope. As for its international students from around 160 countries, the university prides themselves for being as cosmopolitan and multicultural as the city inhabits.

Other than for its excellent reputation and academic facilities provided by the university, they have the largest academic library in Canada and is ranked third among peer institutions in North America, behind only Harvard and Yale. The University of Toronto is one of the most prestigious university in the world, which offers students with over 700 undergraduate degree and 200 postgraduate degree programmes.

With a longstanding reputation for innovation and research, the University of Toronto was the birthplace of such ground-breaking scientific moments as the discovery of insulin and stem cell research, and the invention of the electron microscope

University of Toronto’s Facilities and Services group is comprised of over 600 staff who provides students with a safe, clean, comfortable, attractive and sustainable environment. Situated in the heart of Canada’s largest city, the university have over 120 building totalling 12 million square feet plus the management supporting more than 150 buildings. The university provides quality and variety of range in the undergraduate, graduate and professional that attracts the students from the country and from abroad.

The University of Toronto offers a great range of courses than any other Canadian university, there are over 700 undergraduate programs in the University of Toronto for humanities and social sciences, life sciences, physical and mathematical sciences, commerce and management, computer science, engineering, kinesiology and physical education, music and architecture and for education, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, law and medicine there are some of the second entry professional programs offered by the company. 

It is a public institution that occupies three campuses: Scarborough and Mississauga along the historic St. George campus. As for having the global mind set, the university is partnered with other leading higher education institutions and has its industrial partnership around the world in order to facilitate their students and faculties with international opportunities.

The University of Toronto Scarborough

The University of Toronto Scarborough welcomes students from around the world to study, learn and explore in a welcoming, supportive and safe place located in one of the world’s most multicultural cities. Being a student in University of Toronto Scarborough will give one the advantage of working in a small community while accessing the best that the University of Toronto has to offer including its library that is one of the largest library systems in North America. Students are given a chance to work with award-winning researchers and opportunity to participate in innovative programs. There are many student clubs and associations according that they can choose from according to their interest. More than 1,150 courses and 250+ program options spanning the arts, sciences, and management are presented at the University of Toronto. Backed by the strong academic theory, real-life applications are given to students to prepare them for their life after university.

The University of Toronto Mississauga

The University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus is situated on the banks of Credit River to the west of the city. The campus includes 225 acres of protected green belt, while its Scarborough campus is a home to new aquatics centre. The university attracts many sports fans as it is known for its reputation in both football and ice-hockey. In addition to a recreation centre there are more than 1,000 student organisations and have student facilities that include an art gallery, theatre and concert hall.

The University of Toronto St. George

The St. George campus is blended with the University of Toronto’s historical architecture and its inviting green spaces as a backdrop to a truly remarkable community. Faculty of arts & science’ students are affiliated with one of the seven colleges on the St. George campus. These colleges are connected with the history of the University of Toronto as their College system is from the earliest days of the university and still is one of its distinctive features. This provide students a chance to experience closer-knit community in such a large research university.

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