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Viaplay has announced it has secured the rights to Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish national team football in UK when it launches its service later in the year.
Viaplay will stream Scotland’s, Wales’ and Northern Ireland’s European Qualifiers to the FIFA World Cup 2026 and UEFA EURO 2028, UEFA Nations League 2024/25 and 2026/27 and international friendlies exclusively in UK.
Viaplay CEO Anders Jensen described the deal as the “Viaplay’s biggest UK sports milestone so far.”
The move is a blow to Sky Sports, which has previously held the rights to the competitions, and while a coup for the Nordic service is likely to be met with dismay by football fans required to sign up to a further subscription service.
Viaplay has worked with governing body UEFA in its coverage of football in the Nordic and Baltic regions will now look to further leverage its multi-territory partnerships with rights holders.
In addition to the UK, Viaplay and UEFA’s partnership spans Sweden, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
Rights to England’s international matches are currently held by ITV.
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