What is Coin Aholic Academy?

Bitcoin (BTC) is regarded by many as the world’s most successful cryptocurrency. In recent years, more and more people have become interested in learning about bitcoin. It continues to gain popularity until today.

Despite its acclaim, a considerable chunk of the population is still unfamiliar or has minimal knowledge about this cryptocurrency. This is where credible digital learning platforms like Coin Aholic Academy come into play.

If you’ve been wanting to start learning about bitcoin or further improve your knowledge on the said topic, Coin Aholic Academy is an excellent place to start.

It provides you with materials so you can learn everything you need to trade BTC. The lessons range from the history of BTC, mining, setting up your account, and how to keep your BTC Safely.

Coin Aholic Academy Learning Paths

Coin Aholic Academy has three learning paths, so users like you can easily choose the material you need depending on your level of bitcoin knowledge. 


Start at the Beginner section if you are just starting to know bitcoin. It has 22 lessons that cover fundamental and foundational topics like defining what a BTC is, the benefits of BTC, understanding how BTC transactions work, BTC mining, learning how to buy BTC, and so on.

This basic knowledge is crucial, so you get acquainted with the bitcoin jargon, and you can understand the more complicated topics later on.


Once you have already mastered the basics from the Beginner lessons, you are now ready to take on the topics discussed under the Intermediate category. Here, you will go through six lessons, including BTC halving, BTC vs. ETH, recent trends and projects for BTC, and so on.


And lastly, Coin Aholic Academy also offers a section dedicated to the community with advanced knowledge in BTC. The Advanced category also has six lessons about Voting and BTC Improvement Proposal (BIP), BTC Taproot Upgrade, and more.

Benefits of Learning in Coin Aholic Academy

The cryptocurrency – specifically bitcoin – topic can get really technical. BTC is a very volatile asset, and only traders equipped with the proper knowledge will succeed here.

Getting to know your basics and honing your proficiency in bitcoin through a credible information source like Coin Aholic Academy is vital. Many authors and bloggers claim to be BTC gurus and share get-rich-quick “hacks” that are guaranteed to not work 10 out of 11 times.

You must learn from a trustworthy source. Also, Coin Aholic Academy constantly updates its lessons, so you never miss out on new and relevant information about bitcoin.

Learning in Coin Aholic Academy

The Coin Aholic Academy platform is intuitive and user-friendly.

After you select a topic you want to know more about, you will see a summary of how many videos and articles this particular lesson has. It also displays the estimated number of minutes it will take you to complete the lesson.

And lastly, there will be a quiz and the end of each lesson to gauge your understanding of the topic you just went through.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin is new to most people. And like anything new, it comes with risks and challenges you must know and understand to avoid falling into scams and losing money. So, spend time learning about Bitcoin through Coin Aholic Academy to make profits and start trading safely.


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