What Is The US University Common APP And What Are The Alternatives?

If studying in the United States is in your plan, several related factors must also come into the picture. Are you feeling skeptical about these factors? Well, there is nothing to over think. Just a bit of extra knowledge, and there you go. Furthermore, before moving abroad, it is always better to know the country’s rules in full detail. Generally, in one chance, a student can apply for admission to one particular college. However, it may happen that you are trying luck in two or more universities simultaneously. But is this possible? To answer all your questions, please take suggestions from one of the best UK consultants in Delhi.

All About Common Application

One beautiful medium to apply in multiple colleges in the USA at a time is the Common Application. Most of the American universities accept facilities for Common App. Basically, it is a leading program through which you can send numerous recommendations. Thus, a study abroad consultant can guide the usage of the Common App. This high-class app allows the students to upload their profiles and photographs. All of these happens through the cloud-based slideshows.

Along with this, the students find it very convenient to use. More than 500 universities are members of this application. Therefore, this calls for its extensive usage worldwide. Even the students can upload music videos, songs, dance performances, or any other artwork to get chances in the concerned institute. Are you also trying to use this app for multiple benefits? The best study abroad consultants in Delhi will definitely help you to go ahead.

The Prospective Alternatives

Many a time, it may not be possible to utilize the benefits of the Common Application. So, what will be the remedy in such a situation? Do not panic and read on to know about the solution. Every application has some alternative to carry out the same function. Only a reliable and best UK education consultants in Delhi can give you the list of the alternatives. Although they are UK consultants by name, you can contact them for studying in any country. Thus, you can obtain all the necessary information from a single website without any stress. Even, you can also apply for the abroad study scholarship using such beneficial applications.

One of the well-known alternatives to the Common App is UCA or Universal College Application. Reiter devised this app for the first time. It is interesting to mention here that this company also helped develop the online version of the Common App. UCA is much more user-friendly as it does not impose numerous rigid rules for the students. Therefore, it is gradually becoming a favorite among more international students. Harvard became the first university to adopt this mind-blowing technology. However, besides multiple advantages, this app suffers from an important limitation too. This is the constraint in the number of members. Thus, although it is preferable to many, not every institute can become a member here. But you can find all the most remarkable institutions already on its member list.

Description Of Some Other Players

Besides Delhi, Guwahati is also in the competition of study abroad consultants. Thus, you can expect amazing opportunities from the study abroad consultants Guwahati. UCA is not the only player in the market of admission applications. ‘Xap’ is a fabulous entry in this respect. Moreover, the students can apply to more than 900 colleges through this portal. It is really appealing for any student who desperately wants to join any US institute. But it is actually an extension to the Common App rather than an alternative. It is evident from the fact that the students will directly go to the portal of the Common App for applying to the universities under its membership.

The Common Black College Application is necessary to apply to any of the 35 historically black colleges. The study abroad consultant will reveal the names of these members and help you to make progress. So, to be precise, we can say that UCA is truly an alternative to Common App. On the contrary, the other applications do not have so much prominence.

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