Ireland with its beautiful green land countryside is located in the westernmost edge of Europe. Being the continent’s second largest island after Great Britain, Ireland is known for its beautiful scenery, fascinating history and of course there friendly people that would make you feel welcome and comfortable in a foreign country.

The country has one of the best education system in the world and with its globally connected schools and universities, students would have access to opportunities in many different careers all over the globe. Ireland institution provides students a chance to get high quality education and internationally recognized degrees from one of the world’s top institution. Ireland is the second best place after California mostly known for its sector among foreign students.

Irish people are some of the nicest and happiest people you’ll ever meet. There welcoming nature would make you feel comfortable in a foreign land as for the Irish love to share their laughs and stories with visitors. Ireland is a safe study destination for international students and facilitate them with variety of cost effective and affordable study courses then other countries.

Selecting Ireland as study destination would benefit in:


Ireland is one of the safest and friendliest destinations for Indian students. Irish universities is extremely attentive for their student’s safety on campus. As an international student, one will have the access to various points of contacts for any kind of emergency. 24-hour security is provided by most of the campuses. Ireland is a safe and tolerant place to live and is ranked consistently in the world’s top 20 countries for quality of life, peace and human development. It’s also a young country as it’s a third of the population is under 25 years old.


Hundreds of scholarships and funding programmes are available to international students in Ireland. Some the Irish government offers and others are basically offered to the foreign students by universities or some by private organisations.

Financial aid programmes, eligibility criteria are established by some of the institutions and that is mainly why some scholarships are only available to students from developing countries, or students with excellent academic result.

Some scholarship examples:

  • Go Overseas and Education in Ireland
  • Fulbright Scholarship
  • Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI)


Even after being a part of European nation, English is the primary language spoken in Ireland, so it is easy for international students to survive in Ireland if they have command over the language. Many universities in Ireland offer English courses to help international students and because of this foreign students in Ireland find it more comfortable to cope with the course and place. There are plenty of opportunities to learn other languages as well. Studying abroad in a foreign country would give one the perfect opportunity to advance their foreign language skills.


Being close to major European capitals, studying in Ireland would provide international students a chance to explore rest of the Europe but one would need Schengen visa. Studying abroad would be a great way to start career, it would boost one’s profile and help to enhance their global knowledge. Irish government offers a one year stay back visa for Bachelors graduates and up to two year for masters graduates so after completion of course, students can get a job in Ireland or move to other parts in Europe.


Ireland cost relatively low for its universities than any other English speaking universities like in London or New York. However the one year Cost of living may be high in Ireland but it surely is worth with all the amazing opportunities one may get in the country.  Photos

All international students are required to pay 3,000 EUR maximum per year for student services like examination entries and support for clubs and societies. Fee may vary from one university to another and can change every year.


Ireland is home to many leading global companies and as a student in a Ireland University, one would get excellent career opportunities. Ireland is mainly good for software development and IT, Engineering, Financial Services, Food and Agriculture, Medtech and Pharma. Ireland is highly ranked for providing quality of education that meets the requirement of a competitive economy.

Also the Ireland government has allowed the students to apply for a green card, which is basically a work permit for them. Students can also apply for internships provided by the universities that may help them to acquire practical experience in their field of study.


Ireland has an excellent reputation for providing students with high quality education, built on the solid foundation of commitment to excellence. Even though it’s an island nation, it is still filled with things that make it a popular study abroad destination for students. Ireland education system is among the best in world. Universities in Ireland rank worldwide as top 3% and the graduates from Irish universities are eligible globally.

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