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Treading into the waters of applying to study abroad can look vast and apprehensive for students, considering there is a surcharge of information on the internet about getting into foreign universities. There are, however, various educational consultancies around Bangladesh, most of which provide services from Dhaka.
IDP Bangladesh provides services and support for IELTS exams. They have branches in other countries around the world. Khaleda Anam*, a  student who felt that she wasted a bit of money by going to a different consultancy before taking IDP’s help, claims that a rapport between a client and a consultancy is key to achieving one’s goals. “I would say I learned a lot more about a variety of universities than I would have on my own,” she added.
Educational consultancies also help with statements of purpose, relevant essays, applications, visas and even safety related concerns in foreign destinations. They essentially take upon themselves most of the burdens that students would have had to otherwise struggle with. Maisha Tanzim, who graduated from University of Glasgow, had great things to say about Study Abroad with MACES.
“They helped me narrow down my options and only took BDT 5,000 as security deposit. They helped me throughout the whole process. I didn’t have to do anything at all, besides providing them with copies of my documents. They talked to the Bangladeshi representatives of the University of Glasgow, and ensured my direct entry to second year and final year fee waiver. These reduced my tuition fees by 50 percent, which was a big save. I didn’t even know about these scholarships,” she explained. “My visa processing wasn’t as hectic, because of MACES. My counsellor from there is also helping me with my master’s application from a different agency.”
Bushra Alam, who has experience working for a consultancy, also shared her thoughts. “I got to communicate with a few students and assure their parents that with all of their requirements met, we can help with the application process. The parents primarily require assurance of a safe living for their children in a different country. Assurances of Bangladeshi student communities where their children will not feel left out is important for them and us,” she said.
Executive Trade International (ETI) is a representative of many prestigious universities, including Group of Eight. They deliver tailor-made services for students aspiring to study at universities in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, UK and USA. “Through our key counsellors, who are also international graduates, we provide free yet customised services that best suit individual needs. Our sincere efforts have not only helped us win the trust of parents and students, but also brought us memberships of different distinguished bodies such as IEAA, ABCCI, AEAAB and FACD-CAB,” added Sajjadur Rahman, Managing Partner at ETI.
The interest to go abroad for higher education is steadily rising among students. However, studying abroad comes with numerous challenges and unexpected situations. It is a process that needs planning and wise decisions, which is where educational consultancies have a pivotal role to play.
*Name has been changed for privacy.
The author is a freelance journalist. Email: nawarzareen@gmail.com.
বঙ্গোপসাগরে সৃষ্ট ঘূর্ণিঝড় জাওয়াদের প্রভাবে টানা ৩ দিন বৃষ্টি ও ঝড়ো বাতাসে নোয়াখালীর হাতিয়া ও সূবর্ণচর উপজেলার নিম্নাঞ্চলের ফসলের মাঠ তলিয়ে গেছে। এতে এ দুই উপজেলায় ২৩ হাজার ৬৫ হেক্টর ধান ও রবি…



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