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The average woman in Ireland will get married just before her 32nd birthday, while men are nearly two years older by the time they tie the knot. Picture: iStock
Women across Europe are leaving the family home two years earlier than men, new data show – with Irish people’s fondness for staying with the folks higher than the EU average.
Those are just some of the findings of Eurostat’s picture of life for men and women in Europe, which covered a range of milestones such as first job, life expectancy, first child, and marriage.
The data analysis wing of the European Commission found that on average in the EU in 2020, women left their parental home at 25, compared to 27 for men, while also marrying earlier in all member states.

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In Ireland, that rises to almost 27.5 for women and nearly 29 for men. 
For all the single men out there, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, and Estonia may be the best place to find love, with far more women than men in each country.
“There are more women than men in the EU, with 105 women per 100 men in 2020. There were more women than men in nearly all member states, with the largest differences in Latvia (17% more), Lithuania (14% more), Portugal (12% more) and Estonia (11% more),” Eurostat said.
Malta, Slovenia, Luxembourg and Sweden had more men than women.
Women in the EU gave birth on average at the age of 29 in 2019, ranging from around 26 in Bulgaria to 31 in Ireland, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, and Greece, according to the data.
Life expectancy
The life expectancy in 2020 showed “significant” differences for men and women in the EU, Eurostat said – the EU average was 84 years for women and 78.5 years for men, a difference of 5.5 years. In Ireland, life expectancy for women is 84.7, while it is 80.8 for men. 
Both men and women retire in Ireland about the same time, just shy of 61. 
When it comes to commitment with wedding vows, men tend to leave it longer than women in Ireland, the data show. The average woman in Ireland will get married just before her 32nd birthday, while men are nearly two years older by the time they tie the knot.
Despite the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, most people in the EU felt they were in good nick healthwise, the data show, but not surprisingly, the older they became, the more wary they were.
“Looking at different age groups, it can be seen that for those aged 16 to 44, 87.5 % of women in the EU in 2020 felt they were in good health and 89.2 % of men. This decreased to 66.8 % of women and 69.4 % of men for those aged 45 to 64, and for those aged 65 and over to 38.2% and 44% respectively. 
On average, the employment rate of men is higher than that of women – 73% compared with 63% in the EU in 2020, according to the data. 
“However, it is interesting to note that the difference between employment rates of women and men increases with the number of children. In the EU in 2020, the employment rate for women without children was 66%, while it was 74% for men. 
“For women with one child, the rates increased and were 72% for women and 85% for men. For women with two children, the rate remained almost the same at 73%, while the one for men increased to 91%. For those with three or more children, the employment rate decreased and was 59% for women, compared with 85% for men.”
However, there is a vast difference when it comes to part-time work, the data show – in the EU in 2020, 30% of women in employment worked part-time, compared with 8% of men.

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