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An increasing number of US students are going to Germany to take advantage of free tuition and the lower cost of living. For many, the chance of saving tens of thousands of dollars seemed too good to be true. The BBC's Franz Strasser answers your questions on how it all works.
Read the article here: US students go to Germany for free college
Answer: There is no age limit to study in Germany, but applicants need to be aware that many programmes have more applicants than places; candidates with a big gap between studies might be at a disadvantage during the selection process. The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) points out that interested candidates at a certain age go for the 'senior study' option which allows them to attend classes but the course does not count towards a degree.
It is easier to teach technical degrees in English than some of the humanities, but there are many still courses that are offered in English. The DAAD database shows 186 results for English-taught programmes in humanities, social sciences, languages and cultural studies. Anglo- and North American studies are some of the most popular choices for US students.
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C.Marie ‏@chlobotXO: Are there academic pre-reqs for acceptance? Can i apply my non-academic experiential learning toward a degree?
The requirements for US high school diplomas can be found here. They include having a GPA of 3.0 and certain minimum score on your SAT or ACT scores.
imaan kan ‏@immaculatekan: What about studying medicine? as in a MD or German equivalent
Medicine is a bit trickier because it's one of a few very popular fields of study where everyone applies through the centralised admissions centre rather than at the university of your choice. There are only eight results for English-taught programmes in the DAAD database, the rest are in German.
Evin Ershock ‏@Evanwithani: Would I also be able to work or would I need to take out loans or both?
There are a few job opportunities for international students on campus, but those are very popular and hard to come by. You do not have the right to work in Germany on a student visa otherwise. Hunter Bliss in Munich needs $6,000-$7,000 a year to cover all his costs. Some cities will be cheaper, others more expensive. This database tells you more about living costs in various German cities.
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Check here to find out if your child has all the required units to have an adequate high school diploma in the end. For example, she needs to have taken two units in second language.
Julian K Rawle ‏@JKNRawle: Why are majority of US students still going to UK, not Germany? Does UK offer a similar deal?
Tuition in the UK is expensive but still a lot more affordable than US universities. There are a lot more choices in English-taught programmes and a US student doesn't have to learn German to get through daily life.
Here's a good guide with more links to databases, scholarships and city information.
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